The Programs Committee has the job of bringing outside enrichment speakers and programs that will enhance education of Students. This could be a presentation to the entire Student body, a particular year’s class, or perhaps to a group of Students studying a specific curriculum area. We work closely with the CHS Administration and Teachers to ensure that we reach as many Students as possible and that we coordinate our efforts, in order to help strengthen the subject material that our Students study.


Almost everything the PTSO does takes money. The Fundraising Committee coordinates our primary fund raising event — the annual Write-A-Check campaign. Write-A-Check is a method of donation that makes it easy on parents and eliminates the need for students to sell products. It is your opportunity to donate to a central PTSO resource knowing that 100% of the money raised will fund a variety of PTSO sponsored activities during the year. Many companies will match your donated funds to make them go farther.

Here are a few examples of where your dollars support CHS:

  • Renaissance Program
  • Shattered Dreams Program
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheons/Events
  • Financial Gift to Graduating Class
  • Technology Enhancements
  • Fun & Educational In-School Programs
  • CHS Student Directory Publication
  • CHS Datebook Publication
  • Science Lab Equipment
  • Math Dept. – Whiteboards
  • U.S. History Maps
  • English Dept. – Fiction/Non-Fiction Books


The Hospitality Committee coordinates all CHS Staff Appreciation Luncheons, CISD Staff Appreciations Days, Back to School Staff Social, New Student Pizza Lunch and any special school functions requiring refreshments. This is the committee for you if you love to serve others with food and ambiance, even if only for a short time! We strive to ‘make their day’ when we serve the CHS Staff!